SVG dpi


FigureCanvasSVG.print_figure() ignores the dpi argument and prints at a
fixed dpi of 72, why is that? I know PS has a native dpi of 72, but I
don't think that applies to SVG. SVG is scalable - its not limited
to a single, fixed, pixel size.

I don't know the answer to your question but will address your comment
on PS. It is a fully scalable format. The elements in a PostScript file
are expressed in PostScript points, but that is nothing more than a
unit. That doesn't need to map to pixels. It just says that some element
that is described as 72 PostScript points long should take 1 inch once
printed (if you want to respect the size intended by the creator of the
PostScript file).

All this AFAIK, since I don't know the PostScript programming language.

BTW: PostScript point != point in general; for instance, in TeX, 1 point
     is 1/72.27 inch (therefore, a bit smaller than 1 PostScript point).


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