[Matplotlib-devel] Technical Writer - GSoD 2023 Application

Dear all,

I hope my email finds you well,

My name is Hanan, and I am a freelance technical writing and UI Test developer from Canada.
I am sending this email to express my interest in working on Matplotlib’s Google Season of Docs/GSoD 2023 project " Indexing of Matplotlib gallery examples".

I have previous experience participating in Google Season of Docs 2021 & 2022. Plus, I was also selected as an Outreachy intern with the Intermine open-source organization. Occasionally, I enjoy technical writing on my blog, as well as software development and testing.

I have attached my resume which outlines my skillset, experience, sample technical writings, and links to my LinkedIn and previous work.

Please let me know if a project proposal or anything else is needed.

Looking forward to hearing back from you,

Hanan Younes

Hanan Younes GSoD 2023.pdf (160 KB)