GSOC Due March 31 18:00UTC

Matplotlib is participating in Google Summer of Code once again! We are under the NumFocus umbrella. Information on applying is at

You must submit an application to for your application to be considered.

You are strongly encouraged to submit a pull request to our repository as part of the application process (but this is not mandatory). You can find more information at

We’ve got a fantastic project this year that would be really helpful for not just as but also the ecosystem of tools built on top of us. You can find more details at

As always, you can also propose your own project, but please talk to us about it at

Here are some previous successful applications:

Hi everyone, this is Pedro Judice. Currently I’m perusing my graduation and I’m in my 2nd year. I’m very new to open source community and I want to take part in GSOC 2020.

I checked the project proposals on Github and could only find one project with a mentor. I was just wondering if this was the case or is there other project proposals for this year (I understand with the deadline so close this is time sensitive)?


Yes we only have the one project this year. You’re welcome to also propose your own or look through previous years and see if there’s a project you’d like to work on.

I know this is super late. I looked at the project from what I gather the purpose is to either shrink or move the files that represent the expected test results. I’ve only worked on small projects for school and a few personal ones technically I don’t think I’m fully ready but I’m willing to read and learn from docs or other sources. Is there already a road map for the project.

@smolgeat working on small school stuff is all we really expect of applicants experience. @anntzer.lee can give you more details on the project.

Alright how do I contact them?

I’m in charge of the project; its description is at Feel free to ask if you have any questions about it.
Do you have any experience with open-source contributions in general? Testing in Python? Matplotlib?

I neither have experience with open-source contributions or testing with python for matplotlib all I know is from the developers tips for testing in the docs.

Here are some testing-related issues you may want to look at first. There’s been some discussion of improving the interaction between the testing framework and pytest-xdist (multiprocessing) in #16735, perhaps you may want to give it a look? Alternatively, there’s some talking about doing image comparison tests for animations in #11839; possibly useful too (though we would be very wary to actually add any animations to the baseline images directory, exactly due to the size explosion problem…).

Remember all that you need to submit a final version of your application by 18:00UTC March 31st to the Google site. A submitted proposal is better than no proposal!

Hey, I’m pratyush goel I’m a computer science senior at nsit,delhi,india and would like to work on the project how can i get started and seeing that very less time is left could you help in giving a roadmap? I’ve worked with opensource and python before. I’ve used matplotlib in all my machine learning projects but have never used testing tools in python

Hey I was not able to find #16735 in the issues listed in the repository

Hi, I’ve shared a draft for review from the organization mentors. I’m just replying to let the mentors know + to ask if there’s anything else I should improve. Also, the beginner issues on the GitHub repo are unrelated to the project. Would you recommend trying my hand at those or should I just try and work on this one?

Have a great day

Hey I know i am late but during some documentation searching on matplotlib website i found out about GSoC . I am writing my proposal as of now . Thanks

Hey, I am Shradha Khapra, a junior year Computer Science undergraduate from NSIT, Delhi. I have some experience of open source contribution and I have worked with python and matplotlib for various Machine Learning projects. I know I am late but as of now I am writing a proposal. Thanks.

would it make sense that instead of keeping the baseline images in the source distribution, the functions/files used to create them would be shipped along with something like a docker image to ensure accuracy when reproduced?

It’s a pull request:

Hi! I’ve read the project and I understand the gist of it, but don’t think I’ll be able to identify and prepare a list of deliverables as has been done in the previous applications mentioned. Can I apply now and look more into the project in the coming weeks?

Yeah a very broad strokes proposal is fine for now.

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