GSOC Due March 31 18:00UTC

My idea was to ship them as part of the sdists (.tar.gz) uploaded on PyPI (or possibly as a separate PyPI-installable project, e.g. matplotlib-baseline-images), but I’m certainly open to other approaches.

Hey @anntzer.lee @story645 I have submitted my Final Proposal where I have discussed various approaches that community is considering and my ideas to improve problem of baseline images and Also develop a better CI and CD pipeline .

Hi, I am Sidharth Bansal. I have experience in open source. I did couple of freelancing projects and Google Summer of Code 2018 at Public Lab FOSS. I did internship at Google in Android this year. I did testing in Minitest, Capybara and Cucumber. I have also used matplotlib for my research papers, conference papers and journal. As of now I am in my final year, and willing to contribute to the Matplotlib. I am new to the organization and new to code. I am willing to put my whole determination and dedication to learn how to contribute to a new organization and to a completely different tech stack. I have posted the proposal. As I came to know about matplotlib participating in GSoC a couple of hours ago, so I have prepared a very high level design in the proposal. I will be working on fine grain analysis with you all from now onwards.
As I am new to the organisation and tech stack used here, can anyone guide me the technology which I can learn this April along with discussion of the proposal? This will enable me to produce the deliverable at the end of phases in GSoC.
Thanks a ton for giving me opportunity to post my proposal. :slight_smile:

Hi, I have just seen your tweet which is saying you have got few applications for GSoC this year. Tweet made me so sad that I wanted to come here and say, you’re doing great job :frowning: Please don’t get upset, next year there will be much more applications… You’re my favorite plotting library. Go matplotlib <3

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Aww thanks! That tweet was mostly meant to encourage folks to apply 'cause it’s clearly not that competitive & thankfully we ended up getting a few applicants.

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