zoomhistory, _zoom_to_rectangle? Also save position???

1) Unfortunetly this history seems not to work properly in

    >>> some cases. I was able to track down this error on the call of
    >>> the subplot-command
    > [...]. is that neither the positioning nor the limits are
    > restored. To be precise: They are not restored
    > incorrectly; nothing happens if the buttons are
    > pressed. (To be correct: The zoomhistory works only back
    > to the last click which had an connected event. This state
    > seems to be set as new 'home' - see the example which I
    > sent the last time.)

Yep, this is a bug; I was able to replicate it. Could you file it on
the sourceforge site. I don't know what the immediate fix is, and
getting on sourceforge will help prevent it from falling through the

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