Zoom problem with Polar

Hi, Is it normal we can't use the zoom mode on a polar?

    > regards, Philippe

    > I'm using on Windows :/: - Pyhon 2.3 - Matplotlib 0.72 -
    > numarray 1.2.3 - pygtk 2.4.1 - GTk re 2.6.2 rc1 - GTKagg
    > as backend

This is a bug -- it shouldn't crash. I've fixed my local tree so that
it doesn't crash (eg for the next release), but it still doesn't do
anything smart. We haven't figured out yet how polar axes should
respond to navigation. Last time I checked with matlab, I don't think
the mathworks has either. If you have an informed opinion on this,
please advise. Eg, what does it mean to zoom into a polar axes?