ylim() problem

I'm getting a "crash" when using ipython and pylab on WinXP.

The problem shows up when I have a subplot and try to use ylim to
change the axis scale. Here's an example (after plotting some data).

In [2]: ylim()
Out[2]: (0.0, 30000000000.0)

In [3]: xlim(-6, 6)
Out[3]: (-6, 6)

(axis scsale changes as expected)

In [4]: ylim(0, 1000)

( crash - i.e., CPU use goes to 100%, prompt does not return, Tkinter
and ipython windows unresponsive)

I just upgraded to pylab 0.81 (python 2.3.3) and see the same problem.
I'm not sure how to debug this from python since I don't have a
prompt. I did add some print statements to my original script and it
seems all commands execute in non-interactive mode until p.show(). If
I comment out the ylim() command the script works as expected.

-- David