ylabel formatting


    > I'm plotting y values which exceed 10000. I would like the
    > y axis labels to be formatted as whole numbers such as
    > 10000, not in scientific notation such as 1.0e4, with the
    > exponent appearing up at the top left corner. This occurs
    > if I plot something like:

    > from pylab import * y = (1000,9000,14000) plot(y) show()

    > I've looked around the docs and source a bit, but haven't
    > found the love yet. I'm running version 0.86.2. \

See the chapter in the user's guide on tick labeling and formatting.
The code below is freestyle and untested, so may contain minor bugs,
but here is the idea

from matplotlib.ticker import ScalarFormatter

ax = subplot(111)

Darren: some pylab functionality with a dead-simple interface would be
nice here, something that let us say something like


and so on to select the formatter or the locator....