Yet another Tk backend


I just uploaded just another Tk backend for matplotlib. It can
connect to any Figure instance, also with multiple Axes (although only
one will be active for interactive zooming and panning).

I hope the package is useful because of its special mouse usage.

To pan, click right, hold, and pan.
To zoom, click left, hold, and pan.
To auto-zoom, click double-left.
To open a window for adjusting title, xy labels, limits, and also for
saving the figure to hdd, click double-right.

I attach an screenshot of the settings dialog to attract some attention ...

You can download from . Please find also
the README there and the screenshot is also placed under Downloads.

If anyone would like the package _and_ would have some wxPython
knowledge or other widget packages, I would appreciate code for
porting it to that widget platform. Currently only Tk is supported.
But the framework is such that other widgets can reuse some parts of
the implementation.