Xlator problem


I am trying to use Xlator from your cbook module, to parse some expressions in python to a mathtext raw string. Something like this:

texdict = {



    'alpha':r'\alpha ','beta ':r'\beta ','gamma':r'\gamma '

    } #Can be extended to acomodate new strings

    texdict2 = {'*':r'\times '}# to take care of the multiplication sign *

    xlat = Xlator(texdict)

    xlat2 = Xlator(texdict2)


    for i in range(self.Neq):

        eq[i] = xlat2.xlat(xlat.xlat(self.eqnEdit.GetLineText(i)))

The problem is that Xlator not only takes my raw strings and return regular strings but also escapes the backslashes. Of course this ruins the tex markup…

the other way I know to tackle this parsing, using the method string.replace() also escapes backslashes.

does anybody know of a way to parse expressions without these side-effects?

thanks in advance,
Flávio Codeço Coelho, PhD

Programa de Computação Científica

Fundação Oswaldo Cruz

Rio de Janeiro – Brasil