Windows installer incomplete?

Gary Pajer wrote:

>I may be imaginining things, but it seems to me that the Windows


>does not completely update matplotlib. I always seem to need the zip


>also to get updated examples. I discovered this a few releases ago when


>installed version of didn't work after an upgrade.
>Am I correct about that? If so, is there anything else in the zip file


>I should be installing? Further, if so, could the Windows installer be
>redone to include the updated examples and whatever else?
As far as the examples go, it is not in the scope of distutils to solve
this problem. This isn't to say it's not an important problem, just

I wasn't aware of that.

that when distutils was designed, it was designed to do one thing --
build and install 3rd party packages and modules. And I think it works
great for that job. Some pacakges (PyOpenGL) solve the problem by
putting the demos right in with the the modules. Others (wx) have a
separate download for the demos. I tend like the separate download
option, but that's just my preference.

OK... but the zip has lots of directories in it. Do I need to upgrade any
of them other than examples?

As far as mysterious not working bits goes, I'd say that the safest
thing to do is to uninstall your previous version before upgrading. I
myself don't do this unless I notice something broken or get otherwise
suspicious, but that's my bad practice.

I could do that with no problem, but it strikes me as odd somehow.