win32api MFC backend


No no, it's not a joke, :-).

I was thinking about using matplotlib within a pythonic mozilla plugin
(xulrunner application more precisely).

Using the general and neutral plugin from mozcmgui, I 've succeeded in insert a
GTK Agg canvas in a web page on Linux. It works quite fine, it handles events...

I'd like to do the same thing on win32, several possiblities :
- Trying to use gtkAgg, not easy to "branch" a gtk window to an MFC hnwd;
- Trying to use tkAgg, I think it's possible because a tcl/tk plugin exists for
Windows, but another toolkit is needed (tkinter);
- Trying to use a native "MFCAgg" directly. I'm going to try to "plug" a
win32api windows within a native C++ handle, I wish it's posible.

Why does an MFC(Agg) backend not already exist ? Is it not possible ? Some
licence problems ? Philosophical issues ? Is there any plan to write this some
day ?

Would it be difficult to add such a bachend ?
Furthermore, wouldn't it give a partial answer to interactive session issues
with pythonwin, scite (MFC based IDE) ?

Thanks a lot,