widgets during plot interaction

Can anybody think of a good way to disable a widget

    > (specifically SpanSelector) during plot interaction from
    > the toolbar? It seems wrong when you are panning and the
    > SpanSelector is triggering over and over. Is there a
    > trivial way to detect the state of the toolbar?

I think this will require some minor tweaks to backend_bases
NavigationToolbar2 and SpanSelector. You'll want to modify
NavigationToolbar2 to make the mode "publicly accessible", eg a
get_mode method, which returns None, 'pan/zoom', or 'zoom-to-rect'
using the underlying _idPress, _idRelease, et al. Then you'll want to
modify the span selector to be toolbar aware, eg, something along the
lines of

toolbar = getattr(self.ax.figure.canvas, 'toolbar')
if toolbar is not None:
    mode = toolbar.get_mode()
    if mode is None: suppress drawing....

The getattr check is required in case someone is using the span
selector in a canvas w/o the toolbar.


Thanks, Charlie

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