wide release

It's been 4 months since I last sent out an matplotlib release
announcement to the wider python community, in part because the pace
of development has been rapid and there has always been one more
pressing feature or bug to fix. The last general release was 0.50 and
a quick look over the what's new page shows since then we've added
numerix, freetype, mathtext, tkagg, gtkagg, svg, images, finance
module, matplotlibrc, date plots, minor ticks, font manager, and a
number of optimizations, plot commands an bug fixes.

Since the last release 0.53 has gone through a few bug fix iterations
without any major new features, it appears pretty stable to me and so
it seems like a good time to do a 0.60 release to python list, scypi,
etc, early next week.

Any pressing issues that you folks are aware of that should be
addressed before then?