What backends are working with python 3

Werner <wernerfbd@...83...> writes:


Some time ago I did a bit of work on the wx backend to work with
wxPython Phoenix.


I haven't had time to look at the last few comments made on that PR.

Just the other day someone contacted me off list and he used it on a
project of his with a recent build of Phoenix. He noted small refresh
issues which corrected itself by resizing the frame, this probably needs
a "self.Refresh" or similar when things get drawn.

Builds for Phoenix are here:

Recent versions of Phoenix (this is still in development) run on Py 2.7,
Py 3.3 and Py 3.4 and use the wheel format and can be installed with the
following at least on Windows and Mac as far as I know:

pip install -U --pre -f http://wxpython.org/Phoenix/snapshot-builds/


Thanks for the info, but at this point I'd rather focus on the task I need
to solve rather than in the necessary tools. I have just creted a new thread
regarding the Qt4Agg backend problem I saw, as that is probably the closest
path to have a working setup. If that can't be solved, I have to probably go
back to python 2. I upgraded in the first place because it seemed like all
the tools were ready, and that's a natural path, but I can live with python
2 for a bit longer...