waitforbuttonpress DeprecationWarning


I've been writing a routine that interactively finds fitting limits.
Some of the time it seems that doing draw() flushes the output to the
figure and some of the time it doesn't. The only way I can reliably get
it to do that is to insert a waitforbuttonpress into the code. However,
this raises a DeprecationWarning:
DeprecationWarning: Using default event loop until function specific to
this GUI is implemented
That of course doesn't cause any real problems, but I'd like to know how
it should be done properly since using waitforbuttonpress creates this
warning. Or maybe it's just a warning that in the future, once the
event loop function is written for my backend (gtkagg) this function
won't necessarily exist? I'd just as soon not use it, but I don't know
another way to force the updating of the figure.



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