UsingTex: Nice thing to know and more problems

First of all, matplotlibrc is NOT put in the intended

    > directory upon istallation. It resides in the old
    > share\matplotlib\. This must be done manually!!

There seems to be some confusion on this point, because Mark Bakker
reported the same problem. matplotlib has never move the rc file from
the default location share\matplotlib to the user location, because
new installs would overwrite the user specific configuration. I think
the confusion is that on windows, we never had a default user location
for the rc file. I'll explain how it has always worked under
linux/unix; maybe this will make it clear how it should now work under

matplotlib installs the rc file to /usr/share/matplotlib/matplotlibrc.
You can copy this file to your configuration directory,
HOME/.matplotlibrc, and this file will be used first if it exists.
That way future installs to /usr/share/matplotlib will not mess up
your local configurations. On windows, the default path is
c:\Python23\share\matplotlib. If you want to customize this file, you
should move it to C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\.matplotlib.

Could you all test with a clean install of matplotlig (remove
site-packages/matplotlib, share/matplotlib and C:\Documents and
Settings\yourname\.matplotlib before reinstalling) that this procedure
works properly?


    > Secondly, when using TeX to create figure text, make sure
    > that the directories where dvipng.exe, latex.exe, gs.exe
    > etc are present in the system variable Path. For most
    > latex/miktex installation this will probably be:
    > C:\texmf\miktex\bin and C:\gs\.

    > I have still not made it work using the PS backend.
    > Somewhere there is an eps and tex file that has not been
    > put in the .matplotlib\tex.cache directory.

Could you update the UsingTex wiki at with this
information, under a win32 section?