Using plot_date correctly

I have been trying to use the plot_date of matplotlib

    > ( with limited success. Apparently, I must have
    > some basic misconception as to what is going on. What I am
    > try to do is plot data that has values every 6 hours with
    > major ticks at each day and minor every 12 hours. Attached
    > is my latest attempt. The basic problem is that the major
    > and minor ticks do not line up.

    > Thanks for any help. code and plot are below

Hi Jim,

You are using the constructor of DayLocator incorrectly. There are
two day tickers. It's a bit confusing because the constructor of
DayLocator takes an hour on which to place the tick, and
DayMultiLocator takes an integer base and ticks days which are
multiples of that base

  * DayLocator - locate a given hour each day
  * DayMultiLocator - Make ticks on day which are multiples of base

When you say DayLocator(1), you are placing a tick every day *at 1am*.
If you say DayLocator(5), the tick is at 5am. You want the default
constructor DayLocator(), which places the tick at hour=0, midnight.

Nice file name, by the way :slight_smile: