Using matplotlib pythonic API

sorry i did not explain fully. due to the asynchronous

    > nature of the twisted framework, most blocking operations are
    > generally executed inside threads, or at least, they are in
    > my case.

I figured as much.

    > thank you, and indeed i am confused, however i am using
    > matplotlib 0.60.2, and here is the method declaration for
    > Figure's __init__ (from matplotlib/

    > also in 0.60.2 i noticed that ticker.DayMultiLocator is used
    > on line 1518 of matplotlib/ but is not imported

Both of these are fixed in the current matplotlib release. You may
want to consider upgrading, particularly if you are actively writing
date code, since the date handling has changed and it may be less
painful to upgrade sooner rather than later when you have a large code
base installed. See the release notes at what's new for matplotlib

Also, *many* memory leaks have been fixed - for web applications, this
may be important.


the example you sent looks to be most helpful, thanks for

    > taking the time to help me out.

    > Moe