Using helvetica latex fonts...

Hi all,

I'm wondering if it's really possible to use other latex font packages. I just updated to CVS mpl, dvipng 1.7 and ghostscript 8.50-gpl to make sure I was fully current. My tex-related settings are:

text.usetex : True
text.tex.engine : latex

And yet, I can set:

font.latex.package : foobar

or anything in 'foobar', and there is absolutely no change in the resulting plots. My goal is to be able to use the latex helvetica fonts, but setting this to 'helvetica', doesn't work. I've also tried 'times', 'pslatex' and other valid latex packages, to no avail (meaning, titles and labels continue using ComputerModern fonts).

Basically my question is: does the font.latex.package setting actually do _anything_? Or am I using it incorrectly?

Any help appreciated...