Using color in fill

Hello, I found the following post on

    > matplotlib-users. However, post reading the 'docstring', I'm
    > still unable to figure it out. I don't know how to call the
    > __call__ function in LinearSegmentedColormap in
    > Could someone please help me out? All I need is a one-line
    > command that tells me how to give this beast a number between
    > 0 and 1 and get an rgb tuple.

An instance of a class with a method __call__ can be called just like
any other function by adding parentheses after the instance

    class JDH:
        def __call__(self):
      print 'you rang'
    # create an instance of callable class JDH
    jdh = JDH()
    # now call the beast

Since LinearSegmentedColormap defines call, you can do the same

    >>> from import jet
    >>> print jet(.5)
    (0.47754585705249836, 1.0, 0.49019607843137258, 1.0)