TypeError: CXX: type error. in text.py draw_text

Hi, I have installed matplotlib-0.80 on WinXP and when I run

    > a Python script that calls pylab.plot several times after a
    > while the program ends with the error message listed
    > below. I inserted some print statements into backend_agg.py
    > and text.py (code snippets see below). As far as I can see
    > the problem is with the function xy_tup that returns
    > (70.0555555556, -3509680569.77) when given the input
    > (-0.030476944389471572, -0.012864052691159839).

It looks like your canvas width and height are really large if I am
reading your traceback properly -- are you sure your figure size and
dpi params are set right? It would help immensely if you can come up
with a stand-alone script that exposes the bug. If you can, report it
to the sourceforge bug tracker, along with the output of
--verbose-helpful and your rc file if it is customized and we can
probably track it down.

Absent a script which produces the bug, it is very hard to fix these
problems, even with the nice tracebacks you've provided. Because many
people use mpl 0.80 on windows XP and haven't reported this problem, I
wonder if there is a bug in the script you are using or in your
configuration file.