TypeError: Arc.__init__() takes 4 positional arguments but 7 were given

Hi, I’m trying to use the Arc function from matplotlib.patches but I ran into an unexpected problem. When I run the code it says it takes only 4 arguments when I’m using 7, although on the website matplotlib.patches.Arc — Matplotlib 3.8.2 documentation it all checks out.

I’m using matplotlib version 3.8.2 and this is the code:
arc_obj = Arc([startx, starty], 1, 1, 0, 0, math.degrees(theta_n), color=‘k’ )

This may be a silly mistake on my part as I’m not the most knowledgeable in this.

Hi @Felipe_Carvalho, everything after the * in the function signature you see in the documentation is a keyword-only argument, so you have to pass those as angle=0, etc.

Oh wow, it worked!
Thank you so much my good sir.