Tutorial on working with Excel files in Python (without COM and cross platform!) at PyConUS 2009

Hi All,

Too many people in the Python community think the only way to work with
Excel files in Python is using COM on Windows.

To try and correct this, I'm giving a tutorial at this year's PyCon in Chicago on Wednesday, 25th March that will cover working with Excel files in Python using the pure-python libraries xlrd, xlwt and xlutils.

I'll be looking to cover:

- Reading Excel Files

   Including formatting, unicode dates and formulae.

- Writing Excel Files

   Including formatting with easyxf and things like freeze pains, print
   areas, etc

- Filtering Excel Files

   A run through on the structure of xlutils.filter and some examples to
   show you how it works.

- Workshop for your problems

   I'm hoping anyone who attends will get a lot out of this! If you're
   planning on attending and have a particular problem you'd like to work
   on in this part of the tutorial, please drop me an email and I'll try
   and make sure I come prepared!

All you need for the tutorial is a working knowledge of Excel and Python, with a laptop as an added benefit, and to be at PyCon this year:


I look forward to seeing you all there!



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