Translating ticks a la MultipleLocator ?

Iyer <maseriyer@...9...> writes:

With all respect, I have certainly perused the
tutorials before posting the question.

From your postings it seems that you are misunderstanding some

fundamental concepts, but it is not clear how. Can you write up a
little piece of code showing what you are doing now, and explain how
you would like the output changed? Just make up some data and plot it,
and point out what is wrong about the result.

As an example of how to phrase your question, here is how I would
write the question I thought you were trying to communicate a few
emails ago:


  The following script makes an otherwise good plot, but I want the
  x-axis to go from 0 to 1, not 0 to 10. How do I do this?

  x = arange(0,10,0.5)
  y = sin(x)

The best answer to *that* question, which you got from John Hunter, is
to change the script to the following:

  x = arange(0,10,0.5)
  y = sin(x)
  dt = 1.0/10

Since you say that this does not solve your problem, that must not
have been the question you intended to ask. Perhaps rephrasing the
question using a code example would help make your point clearer.

Jouni K. Sepp�nen