Traits-aware tab completion in ipython

Hi all,

this is mostly for those of you using TConfig for the rcparams work, I

IPython has now traits-aware 'smart' tab-completion. Svn update
ipython to r2568 at least. You'll get:

From the module docstring, this is how it works:




The system works as follows. If t is an empty object that HasTraits, then
(assuming the threshold is at the default value of 3):

In [7]: t.ed<TAB>

doesn't show anything at all, but:

In [7]: t.edi<TAB>
t.edit_traits t.editable_traits

shows these two names that come from traits. This allows you to complete on
the traits-specific names by typing at least 3 letters from them (or whatever
you set your threshold to), but to otherwise not see them in normal completion.


Let me know if that sounds like a reasonable solution, it was the best
I could think of.