tool bar help / feature request

I am using the wxAgg backend with the NavigationToolbar2WxAgg toolbar.
I would like to hook up a keyboard shortcut that will call the ‘home’
button on the toolbar. The only way I know to do this is the call the wx
event with the ID of the home button. The problem is that this ID is not a
member variable in the NavigationToolbar2Wx class. And I don’t know
of any wx method to get a toolbar button ID based on position.

This is what line 1643 of looks like:

_NTB2_HOME =wx.NewId()

self._NTB2_BACK =wx.NewId()

self._NTB2_FORWARD =wx.NewId()

self._NTB2_PAN =wx.NewId()

self._NTB2_ZOOM =wx.NewId()

_NTB2_SAVE = wx.NewId()

_NTB2_SUBPLOT =wx.NewId()

It would be great if _NTB2_HOME, _NTB2_SAVE, and _NTB2_SUBPLOT were
also made to be member variables. Or if someone knows a better way,
please let me know.