to plot a pixmap in a plot

Sæll !

I recently discovered the matplotlib project with great pleasure.
It is already fulling many of my wishes linked to python development
However there is a function I would love to have, and it should be straight forward to implement eventhough it is not in the matlab spirit:
- I would like to be able to get a plot based on an existing pixmap
- This way I would be able - to get the nice tools provided by the figure, axes, zooming, etc..
              - keep a consistent presentation of my many plots
- As figures in matlibplot are supposed to be pixmaps in axes this should be fairly easy to implement

instead of havinf plot(x,y) it would be plot(pixmap)

If on top of that I could use the pixmap as a background of other plot, (plot (pixmap, x,y) it would be even better

Any idea on how this could be done ?






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