TkAgg not rendering

Hi, I have seen related issues recently on the mailing

    > list. I have built the latest matplotlib from CVS in
    > SuSE Linux 8.0 with gcc 3.3. The GTK backend works
    > fine, but GTKAgg and TkAgg pop up a window but don't
    > render the plot. Has anyone had the same problem?

I don't think your issue is the same as the one Gerry was experiencing
because in his case he wasn't showing any links with tk/tcl/X11 and
you are. I think you may be experiencing a CVS specific problem.

I suggest building 0.53.1 at this point. There haven't been any
features added to CVS since the 0.53.1 release that justify the extra
difficulties and uncertainties associated with building from CVS.
There are several developers checking in to CVS and the mirrors w/o
ssh access often lag behind a day or two and this often makes it
difficult to debug a CVS problem.

If you still have the problem with 0.53.1, let me know!

Note, last night I made a significant change to the Agg backend which
affects TkAgg and GTKAgg and if you are interested in being a crash
test dummy I would be much obliged. To insure you have a fresh
checkout, you should do a new checkout and see if you get the CXX dir
in the matplotlib root. If you do, then it is likely you have the
most recent code. If not, it's not worth debugging the CVS problem
you are having because it is likely to change with the new code. It's
also important to insure you have a clean build by rm -rf your build
dir and the site-packages matplotlib dir. Let me know what happens if
you decide to go this route.