ticklabel fontsize Q

Hi John, I'm wondering how to set the fontsize of the

    > ticklabels on an axis (y axis in this case). I would
    > like to do something as shown in the third line of
    > code:

    > . . . graph_axes.set_xlim([0,24])
    > graph_axes.set_ylim([0,MaxHourlyDowntime+100])
    > graph_axes.set_yticklabels(fontsize=6) . . .

  for label in graph_axes.get_yticklabels():

Note you can also change the default label size "system wide" using
the rc param tick.labelsize - http://matplotlib.sf.net/.matplotlibrc
. You can either change it in the rc file itself, or set it for the
application with, for example

from matplotlib import rc
rc('tick', labelsize=6)

This will affect both the x and y tick labels....

    > but that won't work, because I'm not supply a list of
    > ticklabels. Is there a simple answer to this? (I've
    > looked through the mailing lists and the class library
    > documentation with no success...

    > Also, attached is a screenshot of an statistical
    > application that is almost complete... all of the
    > graphing and plotting functions are 100% complete and
    > work courtesy of matplotlib. (you had helped me with a
    > few issues last year and requested a screen shot...)

Cool -- thanks!