The matplotlib gallery with dynamic search

I recently took the Matplotlib example gallery and added an image-search: Matplotlib Gallery
Images are dynamically filtered based on their python code.
Here is a demo:


Hey, this is awesome!

A few things that would be nice:

  • a button to copy the source-code (and a scroll-bar + fixed size for the code popup)
  • a link to get to the actual tutorial-page

I’m the dev of EOmaps, and I’d love to have such a gallery in the docs :slight_smile:
Is there a tutorial on how to create something like this based on an existing documentation?


@raphaelquast glad you like it!

And I agree, a copy button would be a great feature.
In order to generate a gallery, please take a look at this instruction.

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Hii @kolibril13 ,
it is beneficial for getting a broad range of examples.

Additionally, can you suggest controlling the 3d triangulation for a convex outer surface domain?