the 32768 pixel limit

Dear list,

I am trying to work with matplotlib to plot on an AGG canvas of size

It seems to be the constraint is in AGG. Does anybody has experience
in this regard?

After removing the exception about the image size and replacing 'int'
with long long, figimage correctly puts an image and save to a rgba
raw file.

There are, however, two problems that I can't solve.

1 when the border rectangle(0,0) - (50000, 0) - (50000, 1100) - (0,
1100) - (0,0) is rendered, I see the scanlines all end up with a
length of 16636(which happens to be 65536 - 50000). and nothing is
evidently drawn in the final image.

2 when I try to plot a circle at (40000, 0). Nothing is shown and no
scanline is produced at all.

In both situation the vertices are correctly passed to the rasterizer.
Is there a version of Agg that can do with larger images?