that log axes question again

Sorry to ask for the Nth time, but as essentially all of my plots require at least one log10 axis and as matplotlib looks better and better, I'm wondering about the status of log axes.

This has even brought me to the point of delving into the innards of matplotlib just to see how easy (or hard) it would be. So far, it looks possibly like overriding the various Artist.transform_*() methods and some additions to Is this the case? Would I be duplicating effort if I jumped in at this point? I can't tell at this point how much work it looks to be -- any estimation?

As a mostly-trivial side-note, while looking through, I saw a few lines like:

         try: ticks.shape
         except AttributeError: ticks = array(ticks)

However, I think "ticks = asarray(ticks)" would be cleaner, and probably little faster, too.