TeX in xlabel ?

    > I will take that script (and use the output of the ttx
    > fonttool as well) to estimate the glyph ids for each latex
    > symbol. This will take a week or so. If it is not possible
    > to reach the charmap values by get_charmap for the belleek
    > fonts one could use an additional dict with the charmaps
    > values.

I believe I have fixed the problem with the bl*.ttf fonts. I exposed
FT_Set_Charmap via font.set_charmap in ft2font and calling
font.set_charmap(0) seems to cure the problem with the bl* fonts.
Apparently, there isn't a default charmap set for those fonts - no
exactly sure.

In any case, I updated CVS -- make sure you have at least revision
1.10 of ft2font.cpp and the updated script at

Have fun :slight_smile: Perhaps we should move further discussion on this issue
over to the matplotlib-devel list.