subplot_adjust bug?

Hi, I have a problem with subplot_adjust but I don't know

    > if it's a bug or because I didn't understand how to use
    > it...

    > I would like to create a 2 by 3 plots without space
    > between the subplot and I can't arrive to manage it...

    > Is the results of the next script is normal?

Definitely a bug. I always write code like the following, which

  fig1 = pylab.figure()

  ax1 = fig1.add_subplot(231)
  ax2 = fig1.add_subplot(232)
  ax3 = fig1.add_subplot(233)
  ax4 = fig1.add_subplot(234)
  ax5 = fig1.add_subplot(235)
  ax6 = fig1.add_subplot(236)

The problem is in pylab subplot, which has the feature of deleting new
subplots if they overlap old ones. Basically it is a problem of an
open ended versus closed ended overlap test. The overlap function is
indicating the two axes overlap when the hspace or wspace is zero, and
should not. I need to tweak the overlap function to take an optional
arg so that endpoint overlap is OK.