status of 3d plotting

Hi all,

I am trying to get the examples from
to work.

I found that the 3D code is already included in matplotlib (SVN
version), but that it does not work:

- makes use of pylab, but it is not imported.

- text_update_coords in refers to, but
  TextWithDash has been updated to use the form,...)

- The TextWithDash class's doesn't have a_twd_window_extent
  property. Instead of assigning it in update_coords, it should be
  assigned in __init__.

- When working with matrices, the following occurs:

  def bar(self,M=None):
  M = somematrix or M

  which is not allowed. It should be

        if nx.any(somematrix): M = somematrix

But, after fixing all these problems, I still can't get it to plot.
It might be worth including in the examples directory, as a
test, to guarantee that the 3D code gets updated with the rest.

It could be that I am missing something completely obvious -- I'd
appreciate any help in getting it running!