starting up

Thank you all for helping me out! As far as I can see at the moment I have got
the beast moving. All three suggestions did pay off, so there was not one
solution. Maybe it is good for other newbies and for future improvements to
explicit the problems I had:
-- the number of prerequisite libraries, that I had checked on the
installation instructions page, was not adequate. Maybe if I had installed my
system as a development-system from the start, it would have been sufficient,
but now there is a lot of ambiquity in the names of all the required
-- the pkg-config was nowhere to be found on my system, because it is named
pkgconfig in YAST.
-- adding some extra libraries for the gtk-components in the build-ext is not
easily cooked up by a beginner.

I am very happy, that the operation succeeded and I hope that I can have a lot
of fun with the toolkit. The above considerations are not meant as
complaining, but only as constructive report.

Thanx again.