splitting or reorganizing axes.py

I think what you are proposing is a bit different from what

    > John suggested in his subsequent message, but a common
    > element is the separation of Axes nuts and bolts from
    > fancier plotting. I will do that relatively simple job
    > first; I think it will facilitate any subsequent more
    > extensive refactoring.

This is an odd time to bring this up, when we are trying to prune the
Axes class, but I am trying to remove any pure pylab functionality.
To whit: 'setp' and 'getp' have been recently moved to
matplotlib.artist, 'load' and 'save' to matplotlib.mlab, and so on.
Basically, I want to have some ammunition when people complain that
the OO interface is harder to use than the pylab interface :slight_smile:

Which brings me to the 'axis' command. This is one of the few
remaining truly useful pieces of pylab functionality. Should this not
be a method of Axes (in the current, non-refactored understanding of

In any case, Eric, since you are intimately familiar with both axis
and the phase-I refactoring of Axes, I think this would be a good time
to make axis functionality available to non-pylab users, wherever it
fits best.