solaris compilation

I installed freetype-2.1.8, libpng-1.2.5 and zlib. I can compile and
install fine, but I get a segmentation fault when I try to run a simple
example. I tracked it down a bit and it's happening on import when
creating the fonts, in line 384..

               font = ft2font.FT2Font(fname)

It processes timesi.ttf ok, but any of the other fonts in
share/matplotlib cause a segmentation fault. I don't have a
.matplotlibrc, is there something in there that I should have set?



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    > I'm trying to install 0.53.1 on solaris and am getting
    > this compile error. Looks like it needs the file
    > ft2build.h, but I don't see it anywhere..

You need to make sure a recent version of freetype (we recommend 2.1.7
or later) is installed on your system (and zlib and png for that
matter). If it is installed, you need to make sure you add the base
install dir to your basedir list in Eg if it is
installed to /some/dir/freetype2 you need to add /some/dir to
basedir['sunos5'] in that file; (I'm assuming sys.platform returns

Where do the GNU tools for solaris go by default; something like
/freeware? I'm referring to the collection from I can't
recall but whatever the base install dir is, we should add this dir to
the default sunos5 basedir list.

Finally, please submit back the required changes you made to (if any) so we can fix this.

Hell, you got gdmodule compiled on win32; matplotlib on solaris should
be a cake walk :slight_smile:

John Hunter