Small correction to code needed

In this program:

We have a small issue with the graphs, the issue is that the graphs are showing double the periods of the sine functions i.e. showing sine waves with double the periods and half the frequencies. Here is more explanation, the sine function in engineering and physics is plotted as:


where A is he amplitude (A=1), Omega=2pif (Rad/Sec), and where f is the frequency in HZ, and T=1/f (Sec) is the period.

since this program uses these variables:

t = np.arange(0.0, 2.0, 0.01)
s0 = np.sin(2 x np.pi x t)
s1 = np.sin(4 x np.pi x t)
s2 = np.sin(8 x np.pi x t)

to plot Sin(omega*t) for f = 2, 4, and 8 HZ. the corresponding periods should be
1/2 Sec, 1/4 Sec, 1/8 Sec. However, because s0, s1, s2 are missing 2 inside the bracket the graphs shown, doubles the periods and it halves the frequencies. In other words, plot the above functions correctly, they should be written like this:
s0 = np.sin(2 x 2 x np.pi x t)
s1 = np.sin(4 x 2 x np.pi x t)
s2 = np.sin(8 x 2 x np.pi x t)

Please make the correction to the program.

I think you’re correct, though the display is in frequency, not period. Would you consider opening a PR to fix it?