ii. running prepared scripts for prepared graphical

    > illustrations. Here I will usually have several figures
    > that I want displayed sequentially. With interactive=False,
    > this approach seems to work fine: I close a figure and the
    > next appears (TKAgg). With interactive=True (and the show
    > commands removed), this approach seems to choke with an
    > abnormal program termination: Fatal Python Error:
    > PyEval_RestoreThread: NULL tstate

What environment / shell / OS are you running in?

Could you send me an example script so I can try it?

    > Since I wish to do both, I decided I shd have
    > interactive:False in my rc file. Am I overlooking
    > something?

ipython is well suited to this task. In the pylab mode, it sets
matplotlib to be in interactive mode in your backend of choice. If
you want to run a matplotlib script from within the interactive
session, type


and it will transiently set interactive : False for the execution of
the script, and then restore your interactive setting. So perhaps it
will give you the best of both interactive mode and script mode, under
one roof?