setting font size for figure elements

Hi mpl'ers,

I have noticed that I keep setting the font size of the figure elements
(axes labels, tick labels, title) so often that it would deserve a
function, or better an Axes method to do the same. I am aware of the
matplotlibrc settings, but I need something to play with after a figure
is drawn. Below is my first attempt - is it the right way of doing
things? I misuse the fact that the figure title is the only Text child
in my figure.


def setAxesFontSize( ax, size, titleMul = 1.2, labelMul = 1.0 ):
    """size : tick label size,
       titleMul: title label size multiplicator,
       labelMul: x, y axis label size multiplicator"""
    labels = ax.get_xticklabels() + ax.get_yticklabels()
    for label in labels:
        label.set_size( size )

    labels = [ax.get_xaxis().get_label(), ax.get_yaxis().get_label()]
    for label in labels:
        label.set_size( labelMul * size )

    for child in ax.get_children():
        if isinstance( child, Text ):
            child.set_size( titleMul * size )