[SciPy-user] Re: Windose and Python

(emacs included) don't work with any plotting package. I have

    >> tried gist from scipy and matplotlib (doesn't work with
    >> anything except straight scripting). Is python really this
    >> unusable for interactive data exploration and modeling under
    >> Windows?

    > I'm forwarding it to these lists so that individuals with
    > more experience on Windows than I have can respond to his
    > request. What do people use on Windows for interactive
    > work???

Have you tried matplotlib with the TkAgg backend using the standard
python shell, ipython or idle launched with -n? Most people report
good luck on windows with one of these shells for interactive use,
particularly the first two. The TkAgg backend is a fairly recent
addition, and a couple of settings in the matplotlib rc file will make
your experience a little more pleasant

backend : TkAgg
interactive : True
tk.window_focus : True # Maintain shell focus for TkAgg

Now when you fire up python or ipython and then import matplotlib,
you'll be in interactive mode using the Tkinter backend. The window
focus setting is designed to keep your figure from taking the focus
when you issue plotting commands.

Admittedly scripting is the primary way most people use matplotlib,
but we've been working to make the interactive experience better. So
if it's been a while since you tried it interactively on win32, it may
be worth a second look using a recent release. It is important to
consult the backends section of the web page to make sure your IDE is
compatible with the backend you are using, however. Finally, Todd
Miller, who developed the Tk backend, has been very responsive in
fixing known problems, so if you'll let us know what limitations you
find we'll do what we can to fix them up.

John Hunter