[SciPy-user] ANN matplotlib-0.30 - matlab style python plotting

I installed the latest release 0.30 replacing 0.29,
after uninstalling 0.29.

I'm observing some difference in behavior between the
two versions. Running some example code in 0.29,
after closing the plot windows, the python.exe process
quits normally. The same example using 0.30 hangs the
process and I have to kill it by hand. This occurs
both at the command line and from within my editor
(normally I execute from the editor).

I'm using Windows XP pro and UltraEdit.

Any ideas? Do I need to change some set up from when
I was using 0.29?


--- John Hunter <jdhunter@...4...> wrote:

matplotlib is a 2D plotting package for python with
a matlab
compatible syntax and output tested under linux and
windows platforms.

matplotlib-0.30 is available for download at
http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net, and has many new
features since the
last major release.

Multiple outputs

  matplotlib now supports postscript and GD output,
as well as the
  traditional GTK backend. The postscript backend
goes a long way
  towards the goal of acheiving publication quality
output. The GD
  backend allows you to use matplotlib even in
environments with no X
  server, such as for a web application server
serving dynamic charts.

Log scaling
   With the help of Andrew Straw, matplotlib now has
log axis
   capabilities, with new commands semilogx,
semilogy and loglog



  With the help of Charles R. Twardy, matplotlib now
has a matlab
  compatible legend command. See



Numerous bug fixes and minor additions

  DPI parameter allows multiple output resolutions
with correct
  Several bug fixes in GTK interactive mode using

  Multiple ways to specify colors, including matlab
compatible format
  strings, RGB tuples, and html-style hex color

  Rewrite of line class for much greater
compatibility with matlab
  handle graphics commands and flexibility in
choosing line styles and

for screenshots
and http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/whats_new.html
for more detailed
information on what's new.

John Hunter
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