Saving image on Windows problem

Has anyone else noticed a problem when saving an image (png) on windows.

Hard to describe, … but it seems that if there is lots of data to plot
and window size too big, or maximized, it cannot save the full plot
data stopping half way. (plot look fine on window). … Interesting
reducing the window size can get to the point where can save the full

Good plot (small window size)

Failed plot (larger window size)
I get the same problem on two different systems:
matplotlib installed from matplotlib-0.87.6.win32-py2.4.exe
matplotlibrc has matplotlib installed from matplotlib-0.87.7.win32-py2.5.exe
matplotlibrc has find my data here
and the script here (only tested with numpy and numarray)
the command to reproduce the test is Also it’s also interesting to note the difference in load time
(sec) of the data between numarray and numpy for the same data.
X:\srg\MatPlotLibTests>c:\python24\python …\
–second=fft --target=600000 ScanDataInternalIR_GndInput.log
Importing pylab library … 1.685
Opening file and loading array .
X:\srg\MatPlotLibTests>c:\python25\python …\
–second=fft --target=600000 ScanDataInternalIR_GndInput.log
Importing pylab library … 0.882
Opening file and loading array . Thanks for any comments

Windows XP & Python 2.4 & matplotlib & numarray 1.5.2

*backend : TkAgg
numerix : numarray # numpy, Numeric or numarray
interactive : False # see

Windows 2000 & Python 2.5 & matplotlib & numpy 1.0

backend : TkAgg
numerix : numpy # numpy, Numeric or numarray
#interactive : False # see
http://matplotlib.s --second=fft
–target=600000 ScanDataInternalIR_GndInput.log
Windows 2000 & Python 2.4 & matplotlib &

Windows 2000 & Python 2.5 & matplotlib & numpy