Savefig('file.pdf') error with latex custom font

I finally got around to addressing this issue from October:

"David Krapohl" <david.krapohl@...287...> writes:

I am getting an error with savefig and pdf when I try to used
matplotlib with latex font rendering (attached below). In
etc/matplotlibrc, I set text.latex.preamble :

Jouni K. Sepp�nen <jks@...397...> writes:

However, the output seems to have some encoding problems. I will look
into the encoding issue, but cannot promise any particular time frame
for a solution.

I think I have fixed the encoding bug in revision 6707. While the only
user-visible change should be that some custom LaTeX fonts now work
(specifically, large fonts such as Minion Pro and MnSymbol that need
several different encodings), the changes in were big
enough that I'm hesitant to check this in on the maintenance branch.


Jouni K. Sepp�nen