savefig(epsfilename) Bug on XP

""Randewijk" == "Randewijk P-J, Mnr <pjrandew@...841...>" <pjrandew@...841...> writes:

    "Randewijk> Dear (newbie like myself) XP or more specific win32
    "Randewijk> users, The problem was not with the 'dvips' command,
    "Randewijk> but with the 'latex' command in version 0.83.2.

    "Randewijk> After changing the line 1086 in 0.83.2
    "Randewijk> to read:

I've made the suggested changes to Because I don't
have access to a win32 box with TeX, could I ask win32 / TeX users to
test the attached backend_ps file to make sure it is OK? (38.9 KB)