save data file with specified delimiter

is something like this ready-made in matplotlib,

    > corresponding to the load() function?:

    > save('output.csv', data, fmt='%1.4e', delimiter=';') has this. In the latest release there is no delimiter
field (it assumes space delimited) but in CVS there is a version with
a delimiter

In [2]: import pylab
In [3]:
Type: function
Base Class: <type 'function'>
String Form: <function save at 0xb5e5e72c>
Namespace: Interactive
File: /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/matplotlib/
Definition:, X, fmt='%.18e', delimiter=' ')
    Save the data in X to file fname using fmt string to convert the
    data to strings

    fname can be a filename or a file handle. If the filename ends in
    the file is automatically saved in compressed gzip format. The
    command understands gzipped files transparently.

    Example usage:

    save('test.out', X) # X is an array
    save('test1.out', (x,y,z)) # x,y,z equal sized 1D arrays
    save('test2.out', x) # x is 1D
    save('test3.out', x, fmt='%1.4e') # use exponential notation

    delimiter is used to separate the fields, eg delimiter ',' for
    comma-separated values