Round off borders in matplotlib

Hello everyone,

I need to create plots like the following one in matplotlib

How can I get the rounded corners of the axes the same as the ones marked by red arrows in the screenshot?

Update: I found a way to achieve this by subclassing Axes and FancyBoxPatch in the following manner.

import matplotlib.patches as mpatches
import matplotlib.axes as axes
from matplotlib.projection import register_projection

class StaticColorAxisBBox(mpatches.FancyBboxPatch):
    def set_edgecolor(self, color):
        if hasattr(self, "_original_edgecolor"):
        self._original_edgecolor = color

    def set_linewidth(self, w):

class FancyAxes(maxes.Axes):
    name = "fancy_box_axes"
    _edgecolor: str

    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        self._edgecolor = kwargs.pop("edgecolor", None)
        super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)

    def _gen_axes_patch(self):
        return StaticColorAxisBBox(
            (0, 0),
            boxstyle="round, rounding_size=0.06, pad=0",

Then I registered it using matplotlib.projections.register_projection function. like in this guide


And now I can use the following code to add subplots. Parameter edgecolor can be used to choose the frame color.

ax = figure.add_subplot(
    111, projection="fancy_box_axes", facecolor=COLOR_PLOT_FACE, edgecolor=COLOR_PLOT
ax.spines[["bottom", "left", "right", "top"]].set_visible(False)

The resulting plot frame is here. (Legend is a bit ugly now, I didn’t yet figure out how to make it look good :D)

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Ah, I was going to post similar instructions, but you’ve figured out how to do the entire thing already.

My only suggestion is that this is not really a projection, so you don’t need to register it. You can pass axes_class=FancyAxes directly instead.

It seems like the problem was not so hard to solve and I was in vain to rush to ask for solutions haha :sweat_smile:

I hope this helps someone who later runs into the same problem.

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