Resize error with Qt4 backend

Hi Darren,

Darren Dale <dsdale24@...287...> writes:


On Thu, Jul 2, 2009 at 9:46 AM, Ole Streicher < > ole-usenet-spam@...361...> wrote:
    Run it, move the second diagram below the first, adjust their sizes so
    that they take roughly the same size: [...]
    and then move the slider between the diagrams and the "Hello World"
    label. There is a good chance that the program will segfault. If it does
    not, increase the number of points in the diagrams.

I can't reproduce the problem. The diagrams update properly and I don't see a
segfault. Maybe it is an issue that was fixed in Qt-4.5.[1,2] or PyQt-4.5.1.

Your bugfix of the resize problem seems to fix that crash, too; at least
on SuSE 11.1. However, I will test it on Ubuntu, too.